If Chocolate Were Purple

  • Age Range: PreK-8 yrs.
  • Grade Level: PreK-2nd
  • ISBN: 978-0615783437
  • Illustrations by Yoko Matsuoka
  • Published by Flickerfawn, 2013

In a world where chocolate is purple, where roller skates grow on trees and all kinds of things turn topsy turvy, one thing your little one can count on is your love. Full of delightful rhymes and whimsical imagery, this fun bedtime story will warm hearts and ignite imaginations.

★★★★★ So Fun!

When I read, “If Chocolate Were Purple”, I immediately had two time-travel wishes: I wished I could send the book back in time to my Momma, so she could read it with my sister and me…And I wished I could send “If Chocolate Were Purple” back in time to me, so I could read it with our daughter. I imagined turning each page, slowly reading and re-reading the words with her, exploring each stunning and fun visual element of each page, returning to previous pages again for the words and illustrations, then moving slowly forward again through the words and pictures until we finished the book for the night – returning to it again and again as a favorite. —by Amazon reviewer, dazed

★★★★★ Excellent Ending

I love the sweet joyful story, colorful fun illustrations and the tender last page. Every mother and child will love this book! —by Amazon reviewer, Joan Gunton

★★★★★ A Super Fun Read!

My 3 year old loves this book and I read it at least a few times a day to her! …it also really gets her imagination going so we can talk about lots of other silly things. The illustrations are adorable…Overall, it is a great bedtime story that never fails to my little girl smile. 🙂 —by Amazon reviewer, mbellmeister

★★★★★ Purple Indeed

What a wholesome, joyful story!…There is a hint of Dr. Seuss that will make this book a classic. Such a sweet ending it almost brought tears to my eyes.…—by Amazon reviewer, ALittle

★★★★★ Fabulous!!

Absolutely love this book! Can’t stop reading it to my daughters….. It is so cleverly written. Definitely gonna be a book they always remember. Well done. Beautiful illustrations. —by Amazon reviewer, Ashley Claxton

★★★★★ Great Gift

We visited a 4 year old in the hospital last night and gave her a copy of “Purple Chocolate”…it was the first time she smiled all day. Beautiful, colorful illustrations and fun book to read. Wonderful, easy to remember rhymes. —by Amazon reviewer, debd

★★★★★ Fanciful and Enchanting!

We read this to our grandchildren on vacation. They were giggling throughout. I was surprised to find that the next morning our grandson wanted to be the ‘green soldier’ and our granddaughter was hoping for round bananas for breakfast!…It’s a delightful story for younger children. —by Amazon reviewer, raydan

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