What’s Your Story, Harriet Tubman?

  • Age Range: 5-9 yrs.
  • Grade Level: K -3rd
  • Lexile Measure: 620
  • Series: Cub Reporter Meets Famous Americans
  • ISBN: 978-1467785334
  • Illustrations by Doug Jones
  • Published by Lerner Classroom, 2015

What did Harriet Tubman do to make her an important American? Cub Reporter interviews her to find out! See how Harriet escaped from slavery and then risked her life to rescue other slaves from the South. Readers will see how to use interviewing skills and journalistic questions to reveal the story behind a famous American.

★★★★★ Excellent Classroom Resource!

Very clear and well-written account of Harriet Tubman’s life. The author does a great job of keeping the language simple and readable for children without sugarcoating the realities of slavery and the Underground Railroad…An excellent classroom tool for teaching about slavery, the Civil War, and emancipation. —Amazon reviewer, Gayle Pitman

★★★★★ Accessible to Young Readers

…This is wonderfully well-done! It’s accessible to young readers without being condescending, and is jam-packed with lots of information about Harriet Tubman, her life, and the times she lived in. The format of a cub reporter interviewing a historical figure is very effective, and I’d love to see more books like this! —Amazon reviewer, emmeline